"Before I met with Erica, my practice sessions were mindless, stressful, and unproductive. I felt like I was not making progress like I should, and did not know why. After just one session with Erica, my entire approach to practicing changed: I'm more productive, learn music quicker, and know the music on a deeper level. I love the process of practicing now, and enjoy learning new music, because I now have the skills to do it effectively."

- Travis Whaley, pianist, college student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Erica brings insight and compassion to all of her students. I deeply appreciate all that she does as a pianist and teacher." 

- John McCarthy, Director Emeritus, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

"Erica has been a music collaborator for my two teenage string players for years. Both kids have very different personalities and different approaches and challenges regarding effective practice and successful performance. Erica has been able work with each of them towards their unique strengths and is able to put them at ease and help them give their best during a performance. She can easily isolate and gently address the root of any tricky passages they may stumble over in rehearsals and offers them practical strategies to address these all while remaining flexible in honoring the intent of their musical interpretations.  We regard her as a musician of the highest caliber, both in her knowledge of what the music technically requires but also in her ability to empower young musicians to release a part of themselves into their performances.  She has been an indispensable part of my kids’ musical upbringing!"

- Carolyn Smith, parent of two students

"Her insight from her years of musical experience has had an invaluable impact on my vocal career."  

 - Paige Russell, soprano, BA Music Education, 2012, from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

"Erica is someone who believes in what she says, and practices, no pun intended, what she preaches. As I saw her prepare for other recitals...I was blown away how she was able to practice with such precision and time management. While we were working on some arias, none of which she had played or heard of before...she was able to give me tips I had never thought about which led to breakthroughs." 

- Robert Chafin, tenor, operatic performer, and recitalist

"Erica brings insight and compassion to all of her students. I deeply appreciate all that she does as a pianist and teacher." 

- John McCarthy, Director Emeritus, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

"Solo concert - Huge success. And the best part is, for the first time in YEARS I enjoyed it ! It's all thanx to @ericasipes and her blog."

- Louis Bezuidenhout, South African pianist

"[Erica Sipes] presented our music teachers association with a fantastic program on what really goes on in the practice room. Later that day, she led a fun, energetic collaborative masterclass for some of our local music students. Seeing her work with the students was pretty magical. To be honest, her approach doesn't apply to music alone; I found her perspective on learning as it relates to life in general so inspiring. After the week I had, yesterday was exactly what I needed."

- Monika Durbin, piano and flute teacher, member of MTNA - Pensacola, Florida

"Erica Sipes’ practice seminar for singers was extremely helpful! It was very specific, practical, and easy to follow. I especially loved her philosophy about setting up tiny/specific/detailed goals for each practice. That makes us feel accomplished. If we can’t fix the problem during the practice time we don’t want to practice and practice is not fun anymore. Setting up the goal that we can reach is very important. She showed us that only 5 minutes of practicing can accomplish our goal. Her seminar made us want to practice."

- Dr. Youngmi Kim, soprano, Assistant Professor of Music - Radford University

"I want to thank you for the practice seminars that you hosted.  The tips you shared with us in those four hours were worth the four weeks of my time...I used a lot of the techniques that you suggested during my limited practice time.  My teacher thought that I actually practiced a lot when I was away, when I had only actually focused on the piece for around an hour!  I loved coming to your seminars. My view of "practice time" has now changed completely.  I am much more productive, and I've enjoyed it more."

Christine Horting, trumpet and piano student that attended the Governor's School for the Humanities - Radford University